Erica Carras

Erica Carras is a Type, Brand, and Web Designer based in Brooklyn. Her typefaces have gained recognition through both the TDC and AIGA, and she has professional experience designing typefaces for Google and Monotype. This experience has given her insight and control over all aspects of brand systems.


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Erica Carras 

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Branding: Pawse

Pawse is a boutique hotel in New York City that does not sacrifice luxury along with dog care. This system’s patterns and colors originated from dog fur. Everything within the system was chosen to create a sense of established but warm comfort in a way that larger hotels cannot provide.

Branding & App Design: Winter Wings 

Winter Wings, a photography-based birding festival, needed a rebrand. The goal was to avoid the visual cliches associated with the birding festivals and reach a broader audience by keeping everything neutral. The brand uses a sans-serif typeface, a clean logo (based on flight), and fun colors pulled from nature. The end result is a polished but inviting system.

Iconography for Daily  

An icon system designed for conveying a variety of touchpoints from the concrete to the abstract. In total 36 icons were created. With my background in typography the icons themselves were made to match Daily’s primary brand typeface Graphik. In this project I updated  the brand’s gradient pallet.

Interface Design: Steve Marzos
Marketing: Elliot Gluck